Inline Filters

Inline Bottleless Water Cooler Filters

NOTE:  Due to certain health restrictions, Inline Water Cooler Filters are NOT returnable.  

If you are unsure of the type of water filter that you need, just give us a call: 1-800-390-6132


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Inline Filter Replacement Best (FILRBS)
Best Level Handles 3,500 gallons. Includes: 1 KDF filter  (K2550JJ) 1 ..
Inline Filter Replacement Better Economy (FILRBE)
Better - Economy Level Recommended for hot & cold coolers. Handles 2,000 gallons. ..
New Inline Filter Replacement Good (NFILRG)
Good Level Please Note:  Our New Good Level (Single) inline filter replaces our previous..
New Inline Filter Replacement Better (NFILRB)
Better Level Please note:  This NEW set of 2 Inline Filters replaces are previous Inline..
Ionizing Alkaline Water Filter
BuyWaterCoolers Ionizing Alkaline Filter TM - “The True Alkaline Filter” -Ra..

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