Water Cooler Faucets

We feature a large variety of quality, affordable Water Cooler Faucets and Water Dispenser Faucets.  All faucets are a universal-fit to accommodate any water cooler/water dispenser type and model, and are available in a variety of styles, including cup-trip and paddle (hand-touch) designs.  Child-resistant designs available.

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Faucet White/Blue
Faucet White/Blue ..
Faucet D16
Faucet for D16 Large Capacity Water Cooler - Available for Hot or Cold ..
Faucet White/Red
CHILD RESISTANT To operate hold handle level, squeeze together, then push down. ..
Faucet Black/Blue
Faucet Black/Blue ..
Faucet White/Red No Safety
Not child resistant! Should not be used in area where children may be present. ..
Faucet White/White
Faucet White/White ..
Faucet Black/Red/Blue
Faucet Black/Blue Cup-Trip Design
Cup-Trip Faucet Black/Blue  (one hand dispensing design)   ..
Faucet Black/Red Cup-Trip Design
Faucet Black/Red Cup-Trip Design (one-hand dispensing design) *** NOT CHILD SAFE *** &nbs..
Faucet Black/White Cup-Trip Design
Faucet Black/White Cup-Trip Design (one hand dispensing design)  ..
Faucet Black/Red
Faucet Black/Red (Child Safe) ..
Faucet White/Blue Cup-Trip Design
Faucet White/Blue Cup-Trip Design (one hand dispensing design) ..

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