Large Capacity POU Water Coolers

Need to accomodate a large traffic area, something that will hold up to heavy usage and supply endless fillings of water bottles?  

Try a Large Capacity POU Water Cooler!  

Each one features large internal water tanks (most, minimum 2 gallon internal water tank)


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Oasis Bottless AquaBar II Water Cooler (Deluxe)
The Oasis AQUA BAR II DELUXE POU Water Cooler - Ultra Functionality, Ultra Performance ... Simply..
Oasis Bottless AquaBar II Water Cooler (standard)
The Oasis AQUABAR II Standard POU Water Clooler ... The AquaBar II (standard) Point-of-Use Wa..
Clover D16 Standup POU Large Capacity Cooler
The Clover Stainless D16 POU water cooler ... Larger Capcity & Higher Dispensing Position ..
H2O 2000 Standup Large Capacity Bottleless Water Cooler
The H2O 2000 model standup cooler is a premium high capacity cooler. - It holds almost 4 gall..

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