1. What's the best way to unpack my new cooler?
    • The easiest thing to do is open the top and remove any packing and/or parts, then open the box from the bottom and lift the box off of the water cooler.
  2. Why did my cooler suddenly stop dispensing water?
    • All our water coolers come equipped with a “safety float”. This float was designed so that if an earthquake happened on Saturday and you didn’t get in until Monday the cooler will not flood your business. It shuts the water off and a human must reset the cooler float. BUT (and this is a big but) if you move the cooler or bump into it the “safety float” may trigger. Your first clue of this will be you can’t get any water. Just push the reset button located under the lid on the top of the cooler.
  3. How do I clean my bottle water cooler? 
  4. How do I clean my hot tank?
  5. How do I Install my new water cooler?  (NOT for an Aquabar II) 
  6. What is a bottle-less water system and is it right for me?
  7. What is your warranty? 
  8. What is your return policy? 
  9. Are your coolers ADA compliant?
  10. Where can I find a copy of your W-9? 
  11. I need more information!
    • 1-800-390-6132 - Feel free to call us with any questions 24/7. Someone will always answer the phone unless we are talking to another customer. Relax and enjoy your new water cooler!

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