International H20 Bottleless Water Coolers and Dispensers


International H2O is a premier provider of state of the art point of use water cooler and water dispenser systems. With over 25 years of combined experience in the water industry; we strive to provide our customers with the highest level of service, and the absolute highest quality products available on the market.

International H2O is a proud member of the WQA, and is one of the few companies left that still believes that the customer should come first. Our business is based upon our 4 core values: Honesty, Integrity, Accountability, and Professionalism. We guarantee that we will always do our best to help our distributors in their efforts to grow their businesses. We will continue to research the water industry and provide our distributors with the newest merchandise available, and we will always stand behind our products. With distribution centers strategically located throughout North America, it’s never been easier to receive high quality merchandise at the most competitive price.


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 Water Box Reverse Osmosis Filtration System
The Water Box Reverse Osmosis Filtration System: Designed for Under-The-Sink Installation..
H2O Model 750 Standup Bottleless Water Cooler
H2O MODEL 750 The H2O 750 is a basic Water Cooler with Hot/Cold and 2 filtration options. ..
H2O Model 1000 Standup Bottleless Water Cooler
H2O MODEL 1000 The H2O Model 1000 is a premium water cooler/dispenser that has the distinctio..
H2O 2000 Standup Large Capacity Bottleless Water Cooler
The H2O 2000 Model Standup Watercooler is a Premium HIGH CAPACITY POU cooler.   - It..
H2O Model 500 Standup Bottleless Water Cooler
International H2O Model 500   The H2O-500 or “Econo-line  cooler” is Internat..
H2O 2000 CounterTop Large Capacity Bottleless Water Cooler
The H2O 2000 Model CounterTop Cooler is a premium High Capacity CounterTop cooler. - 1 gallon..
H2O PRO CounterTop Bottleless Water Cooler
The H2O PRO CounterTop Cooler - Elegant and Modern Design, style and function at an affordable pr..

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