BOTTLE-LESS Water Coolers and Dispensers

BOTTLE-LESS Water Coolers and Dispensers

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H2O Model 750 Standup Bottleless Water Cooler
H2O MODEL 750 The H2O 750 is a basic Water Cooler with Hot/Cold and 2 filtration options. ..
Clover D14 Stainless Standup Bottleless Cooler
The Clover Stainless D14 POU water cooler ... Stylish, Reliable, Affordable Product Features:..
H2O Model 1000 Standup Bottleless Water Cooler
H2O MODEL 1000 The H2O Model 1000 is a premium water cooler/dispenser that has the distinctio..
Oasis ONYX Countertop Bottleless Water Cooler
The Oasis ONYX Countertop POU water cooler ... Stye and Function in a beautiful compact design!&n..
H2O 2000 Standup Large Capacity Bottleless Water Cooler
The H2O 2000 model standup cooler is a premium high capacity cooler. - It holds almost 4 gall..
International H20 750 Standup Bottleless Water Cooler
The H2O-750 International H2O’s most economical stand alone unit. It is equipped with both ..
H2O Model 500 Standup Bottleless Water Cooler
International H2O Model 500   The H2O-500 or “Econo-line  cooler” is Internat..
Oasis Atlantis Standup Bottleless Water Cooler
The Oasis ATLANTIS POU Water Cooler - The Industry Standard for Dependability! S..
Oasis Bottless AquaBar II Water Cooler (Deluxe)
The Oasis AQUA BAR II DELUXE POU Water Cooler - Ultra Functionality, Ultra Performance ... Simply..
Oasis Mirage Bottleless Water Cooler
NEW DESIGN!!!!   The Oasis MIRAGE Water Cooler ... 2 Dispensing Options in 1 Unique Desi..
Blu Logic 100 Series Drinkpod Standup Bottleless Water Cooler
100 Series   Mid-sized Tower Drink Station With Ultra + 3 Filtration & Stainless..
Oasis Bottless AquaBar II Water Cooler (standard)
The Oasis AQUABAR II Standard POU Water Clooler ... The AquaBar II (standard) Point-of-Use Wa..

Why A Bottleless Water Dispenser for your home or office?
If you are tired of buying bottled water, hauling it around and worrying abut what to do with all those plastic bottles, then bottleless water dispensers prove to be a great alternative!  Bottleless water coolers are more cost-effective and sanitary than their bottled counterparts, and they require less upkeep over a longer period of time.  

Here is why you should consider a bottleless water dispenser for your home or office:

* Health and Sanitation!
Bottleless water coolers are airtight and do not require any human contact with the water source, which means that the risk of water contamination is greatly reduced.

* Cost-Effectiveness!
Bottleless water coolers and dispensers offer an energy-efficient and cost-effective way of providing pure drinking water to your home or office.  Because these coolers filter the water from your existing water supply, they eliminate the need to have pre-purified water brought in - and a new bottleless water dispenser can pay for itself within just a few months!

* Help Save the Environment!
Government & industry sources estimate that over 50 million plastic bottles are thrown away everyday in the U.S., alone  (not recycled)!   If laid end to end, that's enough to stretch all the way from New York to San Francisco and back again!  

All around, bottleless water coolers are a smart alternative if you want pure, clean, and crisp water every day of the year!

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